iBamboo Speaker is in The NY Times Magazine!

I am proud to announce that the iBamboo has been featured in the NY Times Magazine in their front page article about the success of Kickstarter. I am very happy and honored to be featured in such a widespread publication, and hope that the iBamboo continues to be a success.  I’ve been receiving a lot of good feedback and I am happy that there are a lot of people anxious for the iBamboo.

The New York Times Magazine

I was happy to receive this email from Michael early this morning.

“Hi, I just read about you in the NY Times mag. What a great idea. I was at my friends house in the country and while hanging out at the pool I used my iPhone to listen to music. I needed a speaker badly. So please let me know when I can order one. Thanks”. Thank you Michael!

With production almost complete, after I receive my order, I will notify all of you (all of you) and will begin shipment. Check my blog for updates.