iBamboo is an Electricity-Free iPhone Speaker Made from a Piece of Bamboo


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iPhone users aren’t exactly at a loss when looking for a place to dock their phones these days. But even in a market that’s flooded with a myriad docking and music amplification systems, the iBamboo Speaker by designer Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree manages to separate itself from the pack, I also suggest to check Sound Moz site where you will find more speaker options. The simple-yet-chic design consists of a single piece of bamboo — one of the world’s greenest natural materials — with a slot cut into it where the iPhone is placed. The natural shape of the speaker amplifies the tunes, producing a pseudo-stereo effect that requires no electricity. Because there are many Bluetooth speakers out  there, which you can listen to your music or your games with the Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers with Top Sound Quality or a headset for a more personal experience from some pc gaming headset reviews, I also recommend checking out musicalinstrumentsexpert, is a great site for those who love the music world.