In Memory of Steve Jobs

Dear followers,

The passing of Steve Jobs, has touched us all. Jobs’ contribution was more than just in the form of a new phone or computer. He created a new standard for technology with his innovations, and redefined it each time. The quality of a product for him was more than just function. He ensured that everything he made was with the ideals of beauty and simplicity in mind, which in today’s world are often lost. His work was his passion, and his products were a realization of a dream. Past his contribution to the world today, we must look to what he has contributed to the world of tomorrow. He has inspired countless number of people around the world to break through the status quo, bring their ideas past a concept, and take hold of their future.

Simply put, without the iPhone, my product would not exist. However, the iPhone was not made because there was a need for a phone. Similarly, the iBamboo does not exist because there is a need for speakers. The iPhone was an innovation of how a phone can look and function. There was a need for innovation in response to the needs of a changing world. Today there is a pressing need for cleaner and more efficient planet. This is the push and root from which iBamboo was born. Requiring no electricity, made of only natural bamboo, and requiring minimal production, it is the most eco-friendly speaker on the market.

iBamboo’s design is possible thanks to the elegance of the iPhone. Its function is possible thanks to nature. Today iPhone sets a standard for beautiful simplicity. If we hope to have a better tomorrow, we must set a new standard. I hope to set it with the beautiful simplicity of nature.

One more thing… the iBamboo Speaker is officially compatible with the new iPhone 4S.

Thank you!

Inventor and Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko